GSU my opinion

GSU has potential for he next years. I don’t think they have any for this year though. cropped-gsu.jpgHopefully they get a better QB soon. And we are about to lose our running backs soon to. Although they aren’t good I still love them.





GSU plays Arkansas State today. I am not that excited about it because we aren’t good this year and probably will not win. I still have little faith in GSU. I know that we lost to an fcs team but I don’t care. Stay true to blue.


The First Game

Georgia Southern had their first game against Auburn. Our offense looked bad. Our blocking wasn’t looking that good. Shai Werts our freshmen quarterback looked very nervous and didn’t have a good game at all. I’m hoping our next game will go better. I will be at the next game so I can gets some pictures of the players for yall. I cant wait to go meet the GSU Adrian Peterson. Hopefully we can bring home the dub next week. And until next time this is it.

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Getting ready

The Georgia Southern Eagles are getting ready for their first game. If they win they could be ranked in the top twenty-five. They play against the ranked Auburn tigers. I am very excited for this game. This is the most important game of the season for them so I cant wait to watch it.

To the NFL

Hey guys, today we will be talking about who from GSU is going to the NFL this year. So first GSU former running back isin free agency and already getting reps with the first team on the 49ers!!!!! Monte Crocket and BJ JohnsonIII are also doing great, which is getting me PUMPED!!!! And two more linebackers are Iron Head Gallon and Ukeme Eligwe. Ukeme Eligwe was the only one actually already drafted in the draft class, and he was only a junior. And that’s going to wrap it up for today. Image result for gsu football